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Clobetasol Propionate 0.05%


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Brand Generic Brand
Product ID 8699522490738
Product Dermovate Hair Lotion 0.05%
Strength 0.05%
Pack Size 25ml
Pharmaceutical Form Bottle
Active Ingredients Clobetasol Propionate
Manufacturer Abdi Ibrahim Pharma
License Holder GlaxoSmithKline
E.Q.US.Brand Name Temovate Scalp Application
Origin Turkey
Active-Passive-Not Avaliable Active

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Buy brand name DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION) (generic DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION)) from Best Canada Pharmacy Online Pharmacy at reasonable price. Best Canada Pharmacy ships discount DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION) and other prescription drugs worlwide. If you have any question about how to order cheap DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION) online or any other prescription medicines, please contact with our pharmacists. If you have any question about how to take DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION) or if you need dosage information about DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION) or any other prescription medicines, please talk to your doctor.

How to take DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION)

What you need to know before you take DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION)

What DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION) is and what it is used for

Contents of the pack and other information

How to store DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION)

Possible side effects of DERMOVATE 0.05% (25ML HAIR LOTION)

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